Research Workshops


FDPE organizes research workshops on several research fields of economics aimed at doctoral students. The main purpose of these workshops is to offer the doctoral students opportunities to present their research and research proposals and to get prepared comments from a Finnish expert on the research field. Each seminar group organizes 1 or 2 workshops each year. Current and upcoming workshops can be found on the page Current Courses and Workshops.

Workshop Groups and Coordinators



Professor Heikki Kauppi (University of Turku)
Professor Markku Lanne (University of Helsinki)

Environmental and Resource Economics

Dr Marita Laukkanen (Government Institute for Economic Research, VATT)
Professor Matti Liski (Aalto University School of Economics)

Labour Economics

Dr Matti Sarvimäki (Aalto University School of Economics)


Professor Antti Ripatti (University of Helsinki)
Dr Niku Määttänen (ETLA)

Microeconomics and Industrial Organization

Professor Hannu Vartiainen (University of Helsinki)
Dr Janne Tukiainen (Government Institute for Economic Research, VATT)

Public Economics

Professor Markus Jäntti (University of Helsinki)

Research Workshop in Finance

joint with the Graduate School of Finance (GSF)