Microeconomics 3: Game Theory


Basic Information

  • Organizer: Aalto University
  • Location: Helsinki, Arkadiankatu 7, Economicum building
  • Time schedule (Please note that exercise sessions have been rescheduled to 12-14)
  • The course includes 18 hours of lectures and 8 hours of exercises

Teaching Staff

  • Instructor: Associate Professor Pauli Murto (Aalto University)
  • Teaching assistant: Dr Tsz-Ning Wong (Aalto University)

Course Syllabus

The students should become familiar with the central concepts of non-cooperative game theory and they should learn how to apply those in microeconomic applications. After this course they should be able to read research articles that use game theory as the method of analysis.

The topics to be covered include:

  • Strategic form games: pure and mixed strategies, dominant and dominated strategies, rationalizable strategies, Nash equilibrium
  • Extensive form games: sequential rationality, backward induction, sub-game perfect equilibrium, sequential equilibrium
  • Dynamic games of complete information: bargaining games, repeated games
  • Games of incomplete information: Bayesian Nash equilibrium, perfect Bayesian equilibrium

Course Material

  • Course material will be posted here