Finnish Doctoral Programme in Economics - FDPE

A Joint Doctoral Programme of the Economics Disciplines of
10 Participating Universities in Finland

The Finnish Doctoral Programme in Economics (FDPE) promotes high-quality doctoral education in economics in Finland by organising systematic and diverse doctoral courses and seminars. The programme was launched in 1990. FDPE is organized by the Helsinki Center of Economic Research.

FDPE is designed to provide doctoral students with a thorough training in the skills required of the contemporary academic and professional economists.The individual departments are, however, basic units of education, recruiting the doctoral students and being responsible for granting degrees and grades according to their own requirements.

Courses and seminars arranged by FDPE complement the courses organized by the participating institutions. FDPE acts also as a channel for cooperation in research and thesis supervision.

Apart from the member institutions, FDPE is financed by grants from the Academy of Finland. FDPE has received additional finance and grants from different sources including Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation, and the Bank of Finland. In addition, many courses have been co-organized and co-financed with several other institutions.

FDPE has granted 20 fellowships for promising and successful doctoral students in the Finnish universities. The fellowships are financed by the Ministry of Education and the Academy of Finland.