The Finnish Doctoral Programme in Economics (FDPE) is a cooperative arrangement between the economics departments of 9 participating universities in Finland. FDPE promotes high-quality doctoral education in economics by providing all doctoral students in economics with access to all the doctoral level courses organized by Finnish universities.

While the individual departments are basic units of education, and for example arrange and grade the courses according to their standards, the member universities of FDPE commit to a systematic curriculum that adheres to the best international standards.



While the degree requirements may have university-specific characteristics, they typically contain the following common elements: core courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, and student-specific field courses in various areas of economics.

The objective of the core courses is to draw a comprehensive and cohesive picture of the approaches and results of contemporary economics. Field and special courses dig deeper into specific themes, providing students with access to the academic frontier.

The courses accepted as part of the FDPE curriculum  are listed on the Helsinki GSE web page Courses (use a filter "FDPE PhD" or "HGSE PhD" - you get the same results). To register for the courses student must apply for study rights for the courses. For more information, please see Helsinki GSE web page How to enroll?

Note that specific information concerning the course requirements, teaching material, and schedule can be found on the course official homepage (WebOodi page). The courses are always arranged according to the rules and practices of the host institution. As a general rule, all eligible students of the member universities are permitted to attend the FDPE courses. However, in some cases, specific rules concerting the participation may apply.