Microeconomics 1: Decision Theory


Basic Information

  • Organizer: Hanken School of Economics
  • Location: Helsinki, Arkadiankatu 7, Economicum building
  • Time schedule
  • The course includes 18 hours of lectures and 6 hours of exercises

Teaching Staff

  • Instructor: Professor Topi Miettinen (Hanken School of Economics)
  • Teaching assistant: Michele Crescenzi (University of Helsinki)

 Course Syllabus

  • Objectives: The course covers the core concepts and technical tools of microeconomics and decision theory. The aim is to facilitate the student with the key assumptions behind the theory, their main implications and their main limitations. Particular emphasis is on observational consequences of economic behavior. The key areas of investigation are:
    • rational choice and its axioms
    • consumer choice and duality
    • aggregate demand
    • extensions: behavioral economics
    • theory of the firm

Course Material

  • To be published on: TBA