Econometrics 3: Microeconometrics


Basic Information

  • Organizer: Aalto University
  • Location: Helsinki, Arkadiankatu 7, Economicum building
  • Time schedule
  • The course includes 18 hours of lectures and 8 hours of exercises, a final exam and a possibility to retake the exam.

Teaching Staff

  • Instructor: Professor Otto Toivanen (Aalto University)
  • Teaching assistant: Krista Riukula (Aalto University)

Topics and learning objectives

This module covers a number of central models and methods employed in modern microeconometric research. The emphasis is on different types of dependent variables and data structures (cross section and panel data). In addition, the basic ideas of causal inference are briefly discussed. After the module, the student should know the basic properties and limitations of the models discussed, and be able to implement them in empirical research. The module also works as a foundation for more advanced methodological and applied courses in microeconometrics.

Topics covered include:

  • Binary and discrete dependent variable models
  • Limited dependent variable models
  • Panel data models
  • Duration models
  • Causal inference

Course Readings and Material

  • TBA